Geotechnical Services

To provide full spectrum of services which cover the design, implementation, interpretation and evaluation of geotechnical site investigations and to provide geotechnical consulting, monitoring and specialist advice. Preliminary site assessments and Geotechnical investigation are imperative to evade unexpected problems and safety risks. Through surface and subsurface sampling and testing, Geonyms assess your site for stability, soil quality, rock quality and soil bearing capacity.

Site Investigation & Consultancy Services

  • Onshore and offshore site investigations using cone penetration test (CPT), standard penetration test (SPT), dynamic cone penetration test (DCPT), and rotary drilling
  • Permeability testing
  • Plate load testing
  • Field CBR
  • Avalanche and rockfall evaluations
  • Granular resource evaluations
  • Borrow material investigation and evaluations
  • Soil stabilization studies
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Geophysical investigations (ERT, MASW, cross hole and downhole)

Geotechnical Laboratory TestingServices

    Laboratory Testing Services
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil Index Properties – Grain size analysis, Liquid limit, Plastic limit, Shrinkage limit
  • Soil – Moisture content
  • Soil-Free swell index
  • Soil-Proctor Density
  • Soil-Permeability
  • Soil- CBR Test
  • Soil – Direct shear test
  • Soil – Consolidation
  • Rocks – Porosity
  • Rocks – water content
  • Rocks – Density
  • Rock – UCS
  • Rock – hardness by Schmidt hammer

Construction and Highway Materials Testing Services:

GEONYMS ’s state-of-the-art construction materials testing laboratories help owners, contractor, and engineer responsible to ensures construction material compliance and quality standards through its services encompassing

  • Concrete testing
  • Steel testing
  • Coarse and fine aggregates
  • Bricks
  • Masonry blocks
  • Construction,
  • Grouts
  • Cement
  • Admixture
  • Wood, doors and shutters
  • Tiles, granite
  • Bitumen

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

NDT of structures is a specialized field demanding world class equipment and highly trained personnel in technology and procedures. NDT are useful for old and new RCC structures without damages to ascertain strength, quality, rebar detailing, steel corrosion and structural integrity. Geonyms support engineers, architecture and owners understand the building condition and feasibility for rehabilitation and structural restorations

  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity – Quality of concrete
  • Concrete Core Testing – Strength of Concrete
  • Rebound Hammer- Surface Strength of Concrete
  • Profoscope – Rebar Spacing & Diameter of steel
  • Half Cell Potential – Steel Corrosion
  • Carbonation Test – Carbon di Oxide Attacks

Geonyms Academy

Geonyms India is committed to helping freshers / new beginners looking to start career in construction or experienced personnel willing to upscale the knowledge base. 

 Geonyms ’s ten specialized training programs are designed to equip candidates with latest industry’s technology, knowledge and skills to secure future in construction industry. Geonyms support students for internship and projects in all technical and administrative level.
Course activities includes Technical sessions, symposiums, product launch seminars ,innovations and advanced construction technologies and events.

Design, Research & product development of building materials

Geonyms provides full range engineering support including Research, Product Development, Design Services and condition assessments requiring specialized expertise for construction materials and practices.

  • Concrete Design Mixes
  • Construction Material Survey
  • R & D support for various building materials
  • Field Lab setting & operation
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