Geotechnical Services

To provide full spectrum of services which cover the design, implementation, interpretationand evaluation of geotechnical site investigations and to provide geotechnical consulting, monitoring and specialist advice.Preliminary site assessments and Geotechnical investigation are imperative to evade unexpected problems and safety risks. Through surface and subsurface sampling and testing, Geonyms assess your site for stability, soil quality, rock quality and soil bearing capacity.
    SiteInvestigation & ConsultancyServices
  • Onshore and offshore site investigations using cone penetration test (CPT), standard penetration test (SPT), dynamic cone penetration test (DCPT), and rotary drilling
  • Permeability testing
  • Plate load testing
  • Field CBR
  • Avalanche and rockfall evaluations
  • Granular resource evaluations
  • Borrow material investigation and evaluations
  • Soil stabilization studies
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Geophysical investigations (ERT, MASW, cross hole and downhole)
    Geotechnical Laboratory TestingServices
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil Index Properties – Grain size analysis, Liquid limit, Plastic limit, Shrinkage limit
  • Soil – Moisture content
  • Soil-Free swell index
  • Soil-Proctor Density
  • Soil-Permeability
  • Soil- CBR Test
  • Soil – Direct shear test
  • Soil – Consolidation
  • Rocks – Porosity
  • Rocks – water content
  • Rocks – Density
  • Rock – UCS
  • Rock – hardness by Schmidt hammer